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Little Millet

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  • Switch to Tejowmya Millets today. Tejowmya millets has 100% more Fibre than white rice, 30% more Protein than white rice. It is also a rich source of Iron, Magnesium and phosphorus, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E. It has lesser calories than white rice and is packed with nutrients.
  • Tejowmya Millets is clinically tested and approved as Low GI Food ( Certificate in images). It is safe for people with life style diseases like diabetes. Unlike rice the complex carbohydrates in millets which reduces a spike in glucose levels
  • Tejowmya Millets are cleaned and minimally processed. The coarse outer husk is removed however the nutrient rich bran is retained. The millets are destoned and graded to ensure only the right grains are packed. Its truly unpolished.
  • Tejowmya Millets can be directly cooked and cooks like rice in 6-8 Mins. However it is recommended that its soaked, since soaking removes the anti nutrients like phytic acid, which reduces the absorption of nutrients to the body.
  • Tejowmya Millets are good for the environment. Cultivating millets consumes less water and is mostly organically farmed. These are sturdy crops which can grow in the most barren conditions. Due to this nature, millets retain a lot more nutrients unlike white rice.
  • Tejowmya Millets are available in all its forms like Foxtail, Kodo, Little, Barnyard, Proso, Jowar, Bajra etc. Find the combo which works for you best.
  • 1 Kg Little Millet

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